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Agitprop And Superstition

I was surfing through the Huffington Post for silly blogs to skewer, an admittedly guilty pleasure of mine, and found a real gem. Christian Parenti of the hard left Nation magazine called for “storm socialism” save us from big storms caused by manmade climate change. We have angered Mother Nature and the only cure is more government.

A primary theme of my book Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste is how Saul Alinsky was the leading American practitioner of socialist agitprop, which aimed at “rubbing raw the sores of discontent” to scare the middle class into accepting “radical change.” Barack Obama and other proponents of “storm socialism” like Mr. Parenti apply this Alinsky principle and add a heavy dose of old fashioned weather superstition to scare us into accepting government direction of the economy to save us from the angry weather gods.

This combination of agitprop and superstition reminds me of a scene from Mel Gibson’s movie Apocalypso where the “big government” of the ancient Maya are sacrificing there people to convince the angry sun god to stop inflicting a drought on the nation:

What Is Asymmetric Socialism?

The left is now arguing that Obamacare is actually a conservative policy rather than socialism because health insurers are still privately owned. How is a conservative supposed to respond to this contention?

Now this argument has superficial appeal because most Americans believe that socialism is where the government owns businesses to direct the economy and redistribute wealth. This is indeed the definition of classical socialism, but classical socialism is not the only kind of socialism.

The two necessary parts of socialism are the government directing the economy to redistribute wealth from the folks who create it to those the government prefers. However, the government does not need to own an industry to accomplish these socialist goals.

After the United States won the Cold War and the Soviet Empire collapsed, American socialism evolved into an asymmetric form where the government declined to nationalize businesses in favor of abusing its regulatory, taxing and spending powers to reduce businesses to the status of civil servants. While a business may remain privately owned, the government directs its administrative operations, tells it what to produce, and orders the rest of us to buy the resulting product. American socialists then tell us that the resulting policy is actually a reform of capitalism rather than socialism.

In Chapter 10 of my book Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste, I describe the historical roots of asymmetric socialism, how Obama employed it to enact Obamacare and his “clean energy economy,” and why these policies are not progressivism and certainly not capitalism. You can read Chapter 10 for free here.

I would enjoy hearing your opinions of my theory of socialism.

We Have Two Book Winners!

Because of the larger than expected interest in the book raffle, I have decided to give away two books rather than one. The winners are Josh Conway of Orlando, Florida and Sarah Williams of Houston, Texas. (Josh entered through the Freedom Connector).

Josh and Sarah, you may choose between a paperback or an eBook (Kindle or Nook) version of the book. Please email me at with your choice of book type and your mailing address and email so I can send you your book.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone else for participating.

Deserves A Read By Folks Of Any Political Stripe

Edward Lee is a top Amazon reviewer with well over 300 reviews to his credit. I am grateful for his insightful review of Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste:

Obama and his supporters have created crisis after crisis. Then, they go on the offensive to claim that only the intervention of government into the private lives of its citizens can provide a proper legislative answer, only Uncle Sam can decide not only what’s best but also what’s fair for all. What they’ve been unable to enact into law, they’ve simply incorporated into already enforceable statutes of the Executive Branch and other enforcement venues; and DePalma highlights the treacherous legal (and illegal) practices as they’ve occurred over the first three years of Obama’s presidency. He reveals how the politicos – employing these scare tactics – continue to savage personal freedoms, but, at all times, he ties these activities directly to related events or ideology so that the reader better understands the arguments and outcomes…

He equally attacks George W. Bush’s “big government Conservatism” for starting some of these crises, as clearly spending has been out-of-control for, arguably, that last two decades and/or three-to-four administrations. He underscores problems resulting from the application of political ideologies on both sides of the aisle – hence the need to begin with the famous Rahm Emanuel quote of the book’s title. Government isn’t necessarily the problem here, but the flawed application of “big government” thinking is, and NEVER ALLOW A CRISIS deserves to read by folks of any political stripe. It’s grounded with history, reality, and good old-fashioned common sense. It’s an indictment of socialism – in whatever form it’s called – and not an indictment of any political party…

Edward Lee has raises an important point that I try to make in the book and on progressive blogs – Republicans also occasionally employ socialist command policies when it suits their purposes. It is important that all Americans study closely what their elected representatives do rather than just accepting what they say.

Airbrushing History

Inside a cover Newsweek bluntly entitled Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb?, self-admitted Obama groupie Andrew Sullivan begins the left’s airbrushing of Obama into a mainstream moderate.

After repeating the usual Dem spin of Obama’s first recovery-less recession since the Great Depression as the prevention of a Second Great Depression and then blaming Bush three years after he left office, Sullivan tries to transform the socialist Obamacare into a moderate Republican proposal.

As I describe in my book Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste, Obamacare faithfully applies the principles of German Zwangswirtshaft socialism – government creation of a health care monopoly which will be limited to selling a handful of government designed policies, to be sold and marketed in government designed venues, whose administrative expenses are designated and capped by the government, and whose product we are mandated to purchase. As Vice President Joe Biden assured administration supporters: “You know we are going to control the insurance companies.”

Instead of addressing what Obamacare actually mandates, Sullivan instead engages in the false syllogism that: (1) then Massachusetts Governor Romney designed the template for Obamacare, (2) Romney can’t be a socialist because he is a Republican, thus (3) Obama and Obamacare cannot be socialist.

The sad truth is that GOP leaders are hardly immune to the recent temptation to dabble in socialist command economics and their ideas do not make Obamacare any less socialist. Nomination front runner Mitt Romney’s Frankenstein creation Romneycare is undeniably socialist, something that should give his supporters serious pause as they consider their nomination vote in South Carolina and the later primary states. Indeed, I spend an entire chapter in Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste describing how George W. Bush’s lawlessness with TARP and other “bailouts” provided Barack Obama with the tools to nationalize General Motors and Chrysler, and put teeth in his attempts to direct the banks.

2012 is a pivotal election and we all need to look beyond the obvious media propaganda and closely scrutinize the records of both Mr. Obama and his would be GOP rivals.

Maggie Thatcher On Socialism

This weekend, my wife and I went to see Iron Lady, the film biography of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Meryl Streep gave her usual magnificent Best Actress caliber performance as Thatcher, but the movie wasted nearly an hour with fictional scenes of a long retired Maggie wandering around the house imagining conversations with her dead husband, Dennis.

In memory of the real Iron Lady, here are some video clips of Maggie Thatcher in her prime as the finest British PM since Churchill.

First, here is Thatcher on socialism:

And on the fiction of “public money:”

And challenging the socialist complaint of disparity of income:

If Meryl Streep had acted out these exchanges, I might have experienced a Chris Matthews-style chill up my leg because Maggie Thatcher was one of the genuinely great leaders of my lifetime.

Hitting A Home Run

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton publishes the always entertaining Noisy Room blog and penned a very generous review of Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste:

I have a few very cherished sources for my research: KeyWiki, New Zeal, Discover the Networks, Aaron Klein’s work, Sultan Knish and there are others as well. Mr. DePalma’s work now joins those ranks of researchers that I trust and use in my work. If you really want to learn about the radical left and their history, this is the book for you…

DePalma goes to the source on his work from Saul Alinsky to Peter Dreier and a whole list of other radicals. He paints the history of Socialism from birth to present, highlighting its ups and downs and how the current administration is utilizing the methods and tactics of Socialism in its current handling of economics and politics…

If you want to know how we got where we are, this book is for you. Tremendous writing, thorough research and a gifted story teller, Bart DePalma hit a home run with “Never Allow a Crisis to Go to Waste.” I love this book.

Paperback Writer

I was listening to my iPod on shuffle mode and this classic Beatles tune came up:

It seemed apropos for a first time author promoting a book.

“Clean Energy” Venture Socialism Goes Bankrupt

In my book Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste, I describe a new evolution in socialism I call Asymmetric Socialism, where a socialist government denies they are socialist and declines to nationalize business to achieve its goals of directing the economy and redistributing wealth. Instead, the government abuses its regulatory, taxing and spending powers to achieve the same goals, while pretending that their actions are meant to advance or reform capitalism.

Barack Obama’s efforts to redistribute money from the energy industry through his “Cap and Trade” legislation to establish a government directed and taxpayer financed “clean energy economy is a typical example of Asymmetric Socialism. Like all socialism, though, the bureaucrats directing the economy are appallingly ignorant of how an actual economy works. CBS News reports how the Obama’s administration’s venture socialism into solar energy is going bankrupt, losing tens of billions in involuntary taxpayer “investor” money:

If Mitt Romney had pissed away investor money like this at Bain Capital, he would be occupying a prison cell alongside ponzi scheme artist, Bernie Madoff. Because he is president, though, Barack Obama continues merrily run up the national credit card forming his own government failing energy industry.

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A Must Read For Tea Party Members And Conservatives

Steve Laib is an attorney and assistant editor at the Intellectual Conservative blog, one of the top conservative book review sites on the internet.

Tonight, Mr. Laib published a very kind and informative review of Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste, which he ended by observing:

The first thing that I noted about this book was that it was not published by one of the big names such as Regnery or Penguin-Sentinel. In fact, it probably should have been. I have read David Freddoso’s Gangster Government, and David Limbaugh’s Crimes Against Liberty. Mr. DePalma’s work is better in many respects. While he leaves out many minute details, he provides us with more important information relevant to the reader who is a potential conservative activist. In short, by revealing the blueprint for the leftists takeover he also provides the information needed to disarm and defeat it.

In short, this is one of the few books I would consider a “Must Read” for members of TEA Party organizations, 912 groups and other conservative oriented associations, or anyone who wants to understand what happened during the last half century or so…

In fact, I did write Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste to serve as a resource for libertarians and conservatives in general and Tea Party folks in particular. I am pleased it is proving useful in that role.


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