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Spanish ‘Clean Energy’ Socialism Collapses

Several years ago, Spain’s socialist government attempted destroy its fossil fuel energy economy and replace it with a government directed and subsidized wind and solar industry. As I describe in my book Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste, Spain was the model for the Obama “clean energy economy” program.

The result for Spain was the highest energy costs in the already expensive EU and a collapsing economy. Facing massive budget deficits and no way to pay for them, Spain’s newly elected conservative government has announced a complete moratorium on government subsidies for solar and wind energy.

Contrary to the claims of Greens in the EU and here, solar and wind power is nowhere near cost competitive and only exists in substantial amounts with a combination of government carbon taxes, mandates and massive subsidies. When the Spanish government halted its payments to solar and win power companies, the industry promptly started leaving the country to look for alternative government sponsors.

The next time you hear a commercial where a business offers to install a solar array on your home for terms that seem to be too good to be true, remember that you are already paying for this installation with your utility bills and taxes.

Ramirez’s Uninvited Guest

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be socialist government dependents.

Response to Mike Pretl: Is President Obama a socialist? Are you?

Local D.C. area columnist Mike Pretl wrote an op-ed attempting to explain away Barack Obama’s socialism with a series of deflections commonly offered by the president’s Democrat supporters.

My response can be found here.


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