What Readers Are Saying About Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste

Chuck DeVore, Senior Visiting Scholar for Fiscal Policy at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and Top Amazon Reviewer:

Bart DePalma’s “Never Allow a Crisis To Go To Waste,” is named after the unintentionally illuminating post-election comments of President Obama’s then chief-of-staff, Rahm Emanuel, now Chicago mayor. Emanuel was referring to the opportunity Obama had to remake America, as he said immediately following, crises, “…are opportunities to do big things.”

Just what those “big things” are DePalma explores in gripping detail, taking the reader through the history of the President’s mentors, from socialist goals, both hidden and open, and methods, both violent and working within “the system.”…

DePalma’s litany of Obama administration actions is astonishing when set out in a methodical manner. So much was happening in the U.S. in late 2008 through the 2010 elections that it was very hard for most Americans to fully comprehend the scale of change wrought by Obama and his allies in Congress.

5 Stars

Dr. Bradley Hennenfent, M.D., Physician, economist and author of Anthem against Obama commented:

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It turned out to be great. Attorney Bart DePalma does a fantastic job explaining socialism, discussing full socialism, de facto socialism, and asymmetric socialism. He also explains the harm being done by the living wage, social justice, and eco-socialism. He does a wonderful job explaining the 2008 housing crisis. Best of all, I believe what he writes as he included 750 footnotes. He is as scientific and factual as you can get on these topics.

5 Stars

Steven D. Laib, Intellectual Conservative:

Bart DePalma has created a brilliant exposition and history of the radical left in American society. This book is a must read.

It isn’t often that a book comes alone that this writer finds good enough to tag as a “must read.” It became obvious that this was true in the first few pages of this work, which is a testimonial to the greatness of Bart DePalma’s research and his ability to detail the sordid history of the America’s radical left in a way that is both entertaining and immensely informative.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, NoisyRoom.net:

Just finished reading Never Allow a Crisis to Go to Waste by Bart DePalma. Having researched and delved into the darker side of politics here in America, this book gives me true hope that Americans are beginning to realize the thunderous threat our nation faces from the Progressive movement. A literary tour de force, this book is one each and every American should buy and read and then read again. It is simply brilliant.

I have a few very cherished sources for my research: KeyWiki, New Zeal, Discover the Networks, Aaron Klein’s work, Sultan Knish and there are others as well. Mr. DePalma’s work now joins those ranks of researchers that I trust and use in my work. If you really want to learn about the radical left and their history, this is the book for you.

Paul Tognetti, Vine Voice Amazon Reviewer:

Some months back I read David Freddoso’s book “Gangster Government: Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy”. In discussing the way that the Obama administration does business Mr. Freddoso observes that “Gangster government shuns the light and operates in the shadows, cuts deals with favored businesses, writes provisions known only by a select few, offers legislative and regulatory exemptions to friends, and threatens opponents with death by regulation.” David Freddoso makes a vary compelling case. However, I must tell you that in his new book “Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste: Barack Obama and the Evolution of American Socialism” author Bart DePalma takes the case against President Barack Obama and his administration to a whole other level. It is very compelling reading.

5 stars

Andrew S. Rogers, Vine Voice Amazon Reviewer:

“Socialist,” like “fascist,” has become a political smear-word for labeling (or libeling) ideological opponents. It’s critical to recognize, therefore, that Bart DePalma’s excellent “Never Allow a Crisis to Go to Waste” is emphatically not a rightwing screed in which “socialism” is code for “anything I don’t like” and “socialist” means “anyone who disagrees with me.” Instead, it is a legitimate, honest, non-polemical, and well-sourced review of the philosophical and economic theories that have come to flower in the policies and tactics of the Barack Obama administration…

The other reason “Never Allow…” is a superior book is the thoroughly documented history the author brings to the table. While Olson’s analysis emphasized Alinsky, DePalma goes back further to thinkers and strategists like Andre Gorz, Peter Dreier, Walter Rathenau, and Michael Harrington to trace the specific influences that influenced The Man for the Season (chapter 4 title), Barack Obama. It’s here where DePalma’s extensive documentation is most impressive: 35 pages of small-type notes and citations source well-selected quotations from the self-described socialists’ own writings. They make it clear how, with specific application to the auto company bailouts, health care, and “green jobs,” Obama is following an explicitly socialist playbook…

[T]o get a handle on the importance, the threat, and the implications of Barack Obama’s “asymmetric socialism,” “Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste” is essential reading. It deserves a very wide audience.

5 Stars

Dr. Bojan Torguz, Vine Voice Amazon Reviewer:

In “Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste” Bart DePalma makes a very detailed, well-supported, and convincing argument that Barack Obama is indeed what many of his critics, as well as many ardent supporters, have thought of him all along: a socialist…

The socialist leaning left has been aware of this situation for a while, and it has devised numerous strategies and tactics for introducing socialist policies into the mainstream of the US politics under the more acceptable names and labels (“social justice,” “fairness,” etc.) Viewed in this context, Obama is the perfect outgrowth of this particular strain of socialism adapted to the North American conditions.

DePalma is incredibly detailed in his narrative, with over eight hundred references and citations. He presents a coherent and cogent argument in a very clear and accessible manner. The book is very well written and it was a pleasure to read. I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to take seriously claims that Barack Obama is, and has always been, essentially a socialist.

5 Stars

Ted Lacksonen, Author of The Eagle Has Crashed and the publisher of The Country Thinker blog:

Sum­mon­ing the famous quote from for­mer white House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Bart DePalma’s recently released book Never Allow a Cri­sis to Go to Waste: Barack Obama and the Evo­lu­tion of Amer­i­can Social­ism is an explo­ration of the devel­op­ment and cur­rent state of social­ism in Amer­ica, as well as a pow­er­ful argu­ment that the pres­i­dent of the United States is in fact a social­ist.

Never Allow a Cri­sis to Go to Waste is a book for the polit­i­cally active to read and under­stand, and ulti­mately, to buy a copy for their friends an neigh­bors who have fallen for the media’s claim that Obama is a cen­trist or run-​​of-​​the-​​mill liberal.

just a conservative girl:

Never Allow a Crisis to Go to Waste: Barack Obama and The Evolution of American Socialism is an in depth look at the tactics that President Obama has used to drive this country closer and closer to socialism. But he does more than that. He shows in detail the origins of where the ideas for these policies came from; Gorz, Alinsky, Dreier, and Cloward & Piven to name just a few…

I found this book to be very interesting and insightful. A very good tool to use to show to those who are still drinking the President Obama Kool-Aid. I also just finished reading Ameritopia by Mark Levin and found this to be a good companion for the information that Levin brings out about the history of statism across the ages; how it has failed and exactly what it would take to have the “vision” of their Utopia; Tyranny.

Andrew Zarowny, RightPundits.com:

If you only have room in your abode, or survival ′go-bag′, for one book about the origins of the housing-financial crisis and the role Barack Obama played in it, then this is THE book!…

DePalma takes us from the early days of the SDS, through the intellectual babble from folks like Andre Gorz, Saul Alinsky, Peter Dreier, Cloward and Piven. From the intimidation tactics against banks by ACORN through the federal government′s monster of the Community Reinvestment Act. It all adds up to demonstrate why Barack Obama is indeed a Socialist.

The book covers a lot of ground, including the Wall Street bailouts, the nationalization of the banks and automobile industry and Obama′s abuse of the White House czar positions. Whether its ′Car Czar′ Ron Bloom or ′Green Jobs Czar′ Van Jones, Bart DePalma gives us a front row seat at the table as Barack Obama transforms America into a Socialist Wonderland.

Bernard Chapin, Vine Voice Amazon Reviewer:

Surprise Book of the Last 18 Months!

I was kind of worried about reading this book. I figured it would be old hat. It’s actually superb and Bart DePalma does a sensational job in explaining contemporary socialist strategy. I never knew what asymmetrical socialism was, but after reading this it explains a great deal of what’s going on in 2012.

5 Stars

Edward Lee, Top Amazon Reviewer:

NEVER ALLOW A CRISIS deserves to read by folks of any political stripe. It’s grounded with history, reality, and good old-fashioned common sense. It’s an indictment of socialism – in whatever form it’s called – and not an indictment of any political party

5 Stars

Michael Haltman, The Political Commentator:

The book, “Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste” systematically lays out for the reader the history of socialism and how the present day rendition, operating under the umbrella of the Progressive Movement, hides behind aliases such as social justice, fairness and the particularly insidious and divisive 99% versus the 1%…

The bottom line is that for anyone who wants to, and more importantly needs to, understand what and why this administration is seeking to do and why a one-term Obama is a national necessity, I would highly recommend that you read this book.

David Hoffman, David’s Commonplace Book:

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this book since I felt a little down on politics when I began reading it. I quickly became interested, almost in spite of myself and by the time I was halfway through it I couldn’t put it down, (or couldn’t turn off my kindle). Never Allow a Crisis to go to Waste is not just another Obama-bashing book, nor does Bart DePalma attempt to psychoanalyze Barak Obama, as others have tried to do. Rather, he shows the connections between Obama’s politics and policies are related to the history of Socialism in America…

This would be a depressing book indeed, if DePalma ended it on that note, but in the final two chapters, he chronicles the rise of citizen resistance to Obama’s policies in the form of the TEA Party protests and the Republican victories in the 2010 elections.

Ronald A Martin, Amazon Reviewer and author of Prepare for the Worst and Pray for the Best: A Layman’s guide to Surviving a Nation gone bad:

Mr. DePalma has done a great job in explaining in great detail about socialism. Many of us were unaware that Obama was always a marxist socialist and what he is doing to our country was a well thought out plan all along. So if you need any more proof on why we need to replace Obama, please read this book.

Mel Linde, Tea Party of Lafayette, LA:

I just finished reading “Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste”, and I am amazed at the amount of factual information you compiled and the chronological and logical manner in which it was presented.

Our Tea Party has not only a lending library of conservative literature, but we also have a monthly Book Club reviewing timely books…Without a doubt, a text you will want to read…I do hope, after this next election, I can look forward to your next book as being “The Return To Conservatism”. Good Luck!

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