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The Rise Of Asymmetric Socialism

Andrew S. Rogers is an Amazon Vine Voice, top 1000 ranked consumer book reviewer and self described free-market anarchist.

Mr. Rogers was kind enough take the time to offer an in-depth review of Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste for Amazon:

“Socialist,” like “fascist,” has become a political smear-word for labeling (or libeling) ideological opponents. It’s critical to recognize, therefore, that Bart DePalma’s excellent “Never Allow a Crisis to Go to Waste” is emphatically not a rightwing screed in which “socialism” is code for “anything I don’t like” and “socialist” means “anyone who disagrees with me.” Instead, it is a legitimate, honest, non-polemical, and well-sourced review of the philosophical and economic theories that have come to flower in the policies and tactics of the Barack Obama administration…

The other reason “Never Allow…” is a superior book is the thoroughly documented history the author brings to the table. While Olson’s analysis emphasized Alinsky, DePalma goes back further to thinkers and strategists like Andre Gorz, Peter Dreier, Walter Rathenau, and Michael Harrington to trace the specific influences that influenced The Man for the Season (chapter 4 title), Barack Obama. It’s here where DePalma’s extensive documentation is most impressive: 35 pages of small-type notes and citations source well-selected quotations from the self-described socialists’ own writings. They make it clear how, with specific application to the auto company bailouts, health care, and “green jobs,” Obama is following an explicitly socialist playbook…

[T]o get a handle on the importance, the threat, and the implications of Barack Obama’s “asymmetric socialism,” “Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste” is essential reading. It deserves a very wide audience.

Please go to the link above to read all of Mr. Rogers’ review.


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